Operate in Eastern Indonesia which is rich in marine natural resources.

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Message from the President

Founded in Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago, our operations started by meeting the needs of the local market. Now we supply throughout the world.

From the onset of our establishment, we have built a strong relationship with local fishermen in the many coastal islands of Indonesia that is rich in natural resources and teeming with diverse kinds of seafood. Through the years, we have accumulated various facilities related to the fishing industry including fishing boats, ice making plants, surimi processing plany, seafood processing plant, frozen facility and cold storage.

Having supplied to various overseas customers, we understand their needs, requirements, background, and habits, and always do our best to meet that. Our workers and chiefs have enough experience and understanding to bring high-quality, safe, and healthy seafood. Customer satisfaction is our foremost objective.

With a strong network to natural seafood resources, diverse facilities and experienced management, we are confident in our ability to provide consistent exceptional service. We always welcome potential partners to establish a long-term business relationship with.

Our guiding philosophy is to be a natural source of fresh, healthy and high-quality seafood throughout the world!

Hindarto Susanto

Raditya Susanto
Vice President


Our business began in 1991. Back then we started with just collecting vessels that collected fish from fishermen, from port to port.
Today, we are operating hundreds of fishing boats to cater to our needs in fish production plants, which are Surimi Processing Plant, & Fresh Frozen Seafood Processing Plant. Besides that we also have Ice Making Plant to make our products fresh and sustainable.

Geographical Benefits

Our factory is located in Pasuruan, Indonesia. Most of our collecting vessels and fishermen operate in Eastern Indonesia which is rich in marine natural resources.
Our processing plant in Pasuruan is just 50 kilometers away from Surabaya which is the gate of East Indonesia to the world.


To be a world-class seafood processor that supplies the greatest quality of a variety of products at competitive prices to the world.

"More than
20 years of Experience"


The Progression Growth Since 1991


With more than 20 years of experience in management of skillful workers,
our company has extensive capability to produce a great quality of different kinds of raw materials.
We self-operate many fishing boats in the coastal islands of Eastern Indonesia to provide the best daily catch of raw materials with a reasonable price.


We just started our business by operating and collecting vessels that collected fish from fishermen, from port to port.


We operated several collecting vessels and hundreds of catching boats.


We started doing the business as a Seafood Producer by leasing a factory.
Our initial market was the local and South East Asian market. We had a staff of 20 people and 80 workers.


We expanded our markets to Asia and Japan.
Employees grew to a staff of 30 people and 150 workers.


We operate our own Seafood Processing Factory located in Pasuruan, East Java with Advanced Facilities of Processing, Freezing, and Storaging.
Our number of employees grew to a staff of 50 people and 200 workers.


We added a Surimi Processing Line to our facilities to serve Asia, and particularly, Japan’s demand for Surimi.
This year, we also received the Certificate HACCP B Grade by Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.


We expanded our market to USA and Canada. The number of our employees grew to a staff of 70 people and 400 workers to work in 2 shifts.


By early 2013, we acquired the Certificate HACCP A Grade and it enabled us to penetrate the EU Market.
Our monthly production became 200 MT.

strong partnership with fishermen in the small islands makes us able to obtain raw material in good quality & sustainable supply.

International Market

World Class Standard


Market range from Asia, Australia, USA, Canada, Middle East, Europe.

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • France
  • Netherland
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Mauritius
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Philippines
great quality products
a competitive price to the world

Seafood Products

Fresh, Hygiene, & Sustainable
Octopus Whole Cleaned
Kingfish Steak
Kingfish Steak Belly Off
Scarlet Snapper Fillet Natural Cut Co Treated
Scarlet Snapper Fillet Natural Cut Non Co Treated
Sweetlip Fillet Natural Cut Non Co Treated


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Your Trusted Partner for Fresh, Sustainable, & Reliable Seafood Products. We are a company of fish production plants which mainly focuses on Surimi Processing Plants, & Fresh Frozen Seafood Processing Plants. And we also have our Ice Making Plants to make our products Fresh, Sustainable, & Reliable.

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67152 Pasuruan, East Java - INDONESIA

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